LITTLE EDEN is certainly a very special place where they serve, through their work, children and adults who are angels; people who need to be protected and cared for and most of all loved. LITTLE EDEN is a permanent home to 300 residents with profound intellectual disability, ranging from the ages of two to over 60 years, the majority of whom were previously abandoned and therefore do not have any family to supply emotional or financial support. Within LITTLE EDEN these precious souls find daily warmth, care and love together with the ancillary programmes and therapies that enrich their lives and with the added quality of spiritual support.

Glenmark SA Team responded to the humble request by LITTLE EDEN for 300 pillows. A total of 367 pillows and 367 pillowcases were donated to LITTLE EDEN. The team spent their 67 minutes with the residence of Little Eden in Eden Glen, Edenvale. Glenmark SA Team wishes LITTLE EDEN all the best and thank them for time well spent with their wonderful residence. Thanks to Tata for a great legacy he left behind.